Take a bite & feel the vibe!

Cacao & Orange

A combination of bitter cacao and the taste of fruity fresh orange makes your heart beat faster.

Cashew Crush

Soft cashews and natural sweetness from dates are the perfect duo and contains a lot of essential nutrients.

Cherry Tart

We created the taste of an delicate tart in form of a small and healthy bar.

Gesunde Snacks: Zebra Bar ist Raw- Rohkost

We know how to appreciate our high-quality ingredients, wherefore they are all uncooked and raw.

Gesunde Snacks: Zebra Bar ist Vegan - vegetarisch

Our bar is vegan! We are not using any animal products, because they lie close to our heart.

Gesunde Snacks: Zebra Bar ist Lactose Free - Laktosefrei

We tolerate all the lactose-intolerant people, therefore our products are completely milk-free.

Gesunde Snacks Zebra Bar ist Gluten Free - glutenfrei

Allergy sufferer do not have to pass on and are able to enjoy every bite of our bars. Gluten are not included.

Gesunde Snacks: Zebra Bar mit no addes sugar - ohne zusätzlichen Zucker

We like naturalness. The sweets of our dates are sufficient, wherefore we did not add extra sugar.

Alle drei zebra Bar Riegel - Gönn dir!

Treat yourself!

At work, in the school, while training or traveling - there is always time for a snack! The Idea behind our products was to create an uncomplicated, energized snack full of vitamins and natural ingredients to-go. As a young start-up we know how important a healthy snack in-between stressful days is. We also want to give the environment something back and are planting a tree for every tenth bar sold.

With your help we have already planted


trees with Eden Projects!*

*Soon there will be more trees planted. This number is going to be updated semiannual, since transferals to Eden Projects are happening every six months.

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