Frequently Asked Questions

What does Zonama Food do?

With our brand Zebra we sell healthy and tasty snack alternatives that naturally support your body and your mental performance. You can recognize us by the colorful zebra crossings on the wrappers.

Our products fit in any pocket and are an ideal vitamin & energy booster for on the go. In addition, we plant one tree for every 10th product sold to give something back to our planet.

What does Zonama Food have to do with zebras?

Here are three reasons why Zonama Food and Zebras are a perfect match:

  1. zebras are herd animals and can only survive in this way. Our team is our herd. We all pull together and know how to appreciate each individual and his or her task.
  2. No two stripes are the same. For us, zebras represent the extraordinary and individual – something that our young company and our products stand for.
  3. zebras feed vegan. Our products are also vegan, they contain no additional sugar, are gluten- and lactose-free and correspond to the finest raw food quality.

Which products are available?

The Zebra Bar – a trendy fruit & nut bar, which convinces as a healthy, vegan snack for in between and on the way – made the beginning in our assortment. The Zebra Bar is currently available in three delicious varieties: Cacao & Orange, Cashew Crush and Cherry Tart.

Where can I buy the products?

We are currently working on our own online shop. The Zebra Bar is already available on Amazon, just click here.

What is so special about the Zebra Bar?

This fruit & nut bar is the ideal snack for in between or on the way. Zebra Bars are vegan and free of additional sugars, gluten & lactose. Because of the gentle raw food process, many valuable nutrients that supply your body extensively are preserved. Besides, you’re not only doing something good for yourself, you’re doing something good for the environment. For every 10th bar sold, we plant a tree.

Which ingredients are in the Zebra Bar?

The Zebra Bars consist mainly of dates & cashew nuts and are supplemented with a few ingredients depending on the variety. We only use high-quality and tasty ingredients, which are processed under the premise of the highest global quality standards. In addition, we completely dispense with additional sugar. Detailed information on nutritional values and ingredients can be found on the product page.

Are Zebra Bars Healthy?

The bars offer are full of nutrients and offer an alternative to conventional snacks. They can contribute to your health as part of a balanced nutrition. Ingredients such as dried fruit or nuts contain important nutrients (e. g. vitamins, omega-3 and magnesium) that naturally support your body and mental performance.

What about allergens?

Our bars contain cashew nuts. Unfortunately, we cannot rule out traces of peanuts and other nuts. The Zebra Bars are gluten and lactose-free.

What’s that tree planting thing?

As a company, we see it as our responsibility to actively contribute to a positive future. By buying the Zebra Bars you support our partnership with Eden Projects: For every 10th bar sold we plant a tree. You can find more information about this on our project page.

Is your packaging recyclable?

We work together with the Green Dot to keep our recyclables in closed cycles. Raw materials should not be wasted, and the climate and environment should be polluted as little as possible.

Where are the trees planted?

Eden Projects plants trees worldwide in countries such as Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia and Mozambique. We transfer the corresponding sums to the reforestation network and receive detailed reports on where the trees were planted and how they help people and nature there. Soon there will be more information about it.

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