Together we can make a difference!

As a company we feel responsible to contribute to a better future especially regarding environmental protection. With the sale of our Zebra products we want to support different aid projects and with that give something back to our environment.

This is our promise and we stand up for this, just like a zebra stands up to his stripes.

Our planet

Mother nature is the basis of our products and we really appreciate that. To protect our beloved earth we decided to give something back. Eden Projects für jedes 10. verkaufte Zebra-Produkt einen Baum. Wir überweisen die entsprechende Summe an das renommierte Aufforstungsnetzwerk, und erhalten dafür detaillierte Reportings, wo die Bäume gepflanzt wurden und wie sie dort Mensch und Natur helfen.


Eden Reforstation Projects is an American non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. Until now they have been able to plant over 250 million trees in countries like Ethopien, Madagaskar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesien and Mosambik. With that they did not just made an immense contribution for the environment, they also created several work places for people in those countries. "Plant trees. Save lifes."

With your help we have already planted


trees with Eden Projects!*

*Soon there will be more trees planted. This number is going to be updated semiannual, since transferals to Eden Projects are happening every six months.